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(Describe when you were founded, the most important thing your company does, what you care most about, and what sets you apart from similar businesses.)  

EMC Pharma, LLC. is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company focused on sales, marketing and distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals within a full spectrum of therapeutic areas and dosage forms. 

We leverage our global network of developers and manufacturing partners to create an expanding portfolio of pharmaceutical products commercialized for the US market. 

Our products are developed and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities complying with the highest quality and regulatory standards which are necessary to fit in with our vision for safety and quality.  

We have a track record of solid partnerships with our network of wholesalers and distributors throughout the US which ensures safe, efficient and reliable delivery of our products to the end users.
We, at EMC Pharma, our vision is to care about people. Everyone involved, from our developers, manufacturers, distribution partners, pharmacies, prescribers and patients, all are considered key stakeholders in our business. 

We strive to focus on ensuring a consistent supply of quality medications to continue our commitment to our stakeholders to feel confident and trust in our vision.

By working together with our partners, it is our vision to continue to aspire to offer greater access to quality, safe and affordable medication.